Carefree Planned Development Summary

The Carefree Planned Development, if approved as submitted, has the potential to substantially affect the quality of life of the El Cid Historic Neighborhood:

  • Safety, traffic, parking, noise, and drainage are all real issues that are not satisfactorily addressed in the Carefree plan.
  • Physical intrusion into our neighborhood due to the size and intensity of the project:
      1. A “Commercial Planned Development” requires a minimum of 5 acres; the Carefree property (2 parcels) is 1.8 acres – 64% less than the minimum requirement.
      2. The requested maximum impermeable surface waiver at 97% would result in a significant reduction in permeable surface; stormwater runoff is a major concern.
      3. The proposed height of the Carefree would range from 64.6 ft. – 71.8 ft. more than 3 times the height of single-family homes in El Cid.
      4. Requested setback waivers reduce the required rear setback to the homes on Barcelona from 98 ft. to 17.7 and 69 ft to 25 ft (a reduction of 79% and 63%, respectively). Other setback waiver requests for the north, west and south sides are equally aggressive.
  • While the development team asserts that they have adequate parking and meet the City’s code requirements for their renters and patrons as well as for other businesses on So. Dixie, they are counting on-street surface parking on So. Dixie and surrounding streets for overflow and parking demand.
  • Parking on El Cid’s narrow streets already create emergency hazards as ER vehicles are unable to pass when cars are parked on both sides of the street.
  • Noise pollution could be a factor created by two systems in constant operation: (a) required exhaust system for ventilation of a below-grade parking garage and (b) a pump removing underground water.
  • Disruption from two years or more of construction (ranging from traffic congestion caused by large trucks traversing the neighborhood to potential damage caused by equipment vibrations or unintended mishaps while digging a two-level underground garage) are possible “inconveniences” of a project of this magnitude.
  • The approval of the Carefree’s Planned Development Application with 11 waivers will create a precedent for development and redevelopment of similar intensity adjacent to the El Cid Historic Neighborhood along the South Dixie Corridor.

Your participation in the West Palm Beach Planning Board on November 17, 2020 is needed.

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The proposed Carefree is more than 3 times the height of single-family homes in El Cid.

The proposed Carefree is more than twice the height of the townhouses at Magnolia Court, depicted in the bottom left corner.

20-0827_P&Z Submittal 17

The proposed Carefree is more than 3 times the height of single-family homes in El Cid.