Crime Watch

The following information will help to protect your home and neighborhood.

There are three numbers you should know:

  1. 561-822-1900
    This is the non-emergency police number. After you call, hit 0 and you will get a real person to talk to about your issue.
  2. 561-822-1648
    West Palm Beach Police offer, at no cost, a house watch while you are out of town. Call this number, answer the questions and your house will be put on a house watch. The police department will check your house each day that you are out of town. This is a great service offered by our police department.
  3. 561-822-1620
    The West Palm Beach Police Department will come and give you advice, at no charge, concerning the safety of your home. They will evaluate the locks, lighting, and the general safety of your property and make recommendations for improvements for a safer home.

Please keep this information and use it to your advantage to make living in our neighborhood a safe and pleasant experience.