October 2014 Newsbrief

Dear Neighbors:

In an effort to keep you informed of issues that are important to you we’d like to provide you with the following information.  We hope you find these emails useful.  If there is an interest you have please share your comments with us at: board@elcidhistoric.org

Planning for the March 8th 2015 Home Tour is ongoing.  The Committee has set up a meeting –for Wednesday October 29th at the South End Fire Station—6:00 PM to 800 PM.  If you are interested in volunteering please join us.  You can buy your tickets for the Tour here.  We will make an announcement when tickets go on sale.  This would make a great Christmas Gift!

The City and Publix entered into a Resolution forgiving the property for the Liens that had been received by the previous owners.  This was a partial forgiveness and in exchange for the release of liens Publix has agreed to make “significant” changes to their Landscape and Site Plan above what is required by City Code.  The Company has applied for Permits and they are under Review by the City.  It is anticipated that as soon as the permits are approved Publix will begin construction.  Click here to see the Publix approved Landscape and Site Plan.

Please click here to see the invitation from Senator Joe Negron – regarding All Aboard Florida

For those who are following this proposal and are interested in having your questions answered by those in a position to know please attend this presentation.   This will be a public meeting and there will be time to submit your written comments prior to any final approvals.  The dates, process and relevant agencies involved are listed in the invitation.

John will be turning 100 years old on November 18th. Click here for a profile of John’s amazing life, and he continues to be as active as he can be, every day.  Please send Mr. Willmott your Best Wishes for a fabulous Birthday.   Happy 100 years Young!

It has been 1 year since Shoppe 561 came to the Shopping Center at 319 Belvedere Plaza.  They will be celebrating on November 1st and are inviting everyone to stop by and enjoy some cake, chocolate and biscotti.  They are providing goody bags filled with Shoppe items. Please stop by and congratulate them on a successful year.

YOU ARE INVITED TO HAVANA NIGHTS: November 7th 6:30PM to 9:30PM:
Brian Guralnick, P.A. Attorney located at 2419 S. Dixie Highway is holding a big “Thank You” Bash- Rain or Shine. – Last year they had over 300 guests so please rsvp at 561-616-9977 and let them know you’ll be coming.  You’ll see a Cuban cigar roller make hand rolled cigars.  There will be authentic Cuban costumes and performances with two shows during the evening.  They will be serving Mojito’s and other beverages along with some wonderful Cuban cuisine.  There will be dancing.  Put on your Guayabera and most colorful cocktail dress and join in the fun.

Efforts are ongoing to get the Planning underway as described in last month’s newsletter.  We have commitments from the Coalition members and the funds are being raised to complete the study.  The City has pledged both funding and staff time for this project.  The Businesses and Merchants Association are actively pursuing the merchants along Dixie Highway from Okeechobee Blvd to Albemarle.  We are very hopeful that we will have raised enough funds to have Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council engaged by the City starting November 1st.  If you would personally like to make a commitment to help fund this project please let us know.  Your contribution is Tax –Deductible and helps ensure we meet our goals.  The City is establishing a Fund that will be used strictly for this study.  They will be responsible for monitoring, managing and disbursing funds for the completion of the Design Initiative.

We have some dedicated Citizens on Patrol in our Neighborhood.  They have reminded us that with the up-coming Holiday Season nearly upon us we must be even more vigil when it comes to reporting Crime.   Please report all suspicious activity and be sure to lock your doors and car doors.  Watch out for suspicious cars and persons hanging around your street.  Also, be careful opening your doors.  With the political candidates out canvassing our neighborhoods and school children selling holiday merchandise we have to be on the lookout for scam artists as well.  We live in a safe neighborhood and with your help we can keep out the criminals.

We are starting to plan for this year’s Holiday Party.  We will share more details as soon as we have more information to report. Also, if you are interested in helping plan this year’s event, please click here to volunteer. We could use some volunteers on the evening of the event as well.  We want to hear your ideas and suggestions for making this event, our annual signature event, another great success.

It is also that time of year when we send out our annual dues letter.  Please look out for the renewal notice and remember to support the Association.  The membership dues help defray the cost of the annual Holiday Party, mailings, printing and other expenses associated with maintaining our neighborhood’s integrity, and maintenance of the Associations property (such as street markers, signs and landscaping in the traffic calming areas).  This year you will have two options to pay your dues.  1) You can pay by check as usual, or 2) Click here to pay your membership dues with a credit card through our PayPal portal.  This was just recently added to our new website.  Please remember to click here to update your contact information so we know how to contact you. Your Tax-Deductible Donations are always welcome as well.  These donations help to provide “Welcome Wagon Gift Bags” to new residents, publication of a Neighborhood Newsletter and hosting more Neighborhood Meet and Greets. Click here to make a donation.

Since we updated our website we now have a database that can be easily updated.  Please click here to update your information, if anything has changed. We will be sending our database of residents to the printer before the end of the year so we can provide you with an updated Directory.  We have several new neighbors in the neighborhood and we want to welcome them to the community.

At our annual meeting last January we elected a Board of Directors and Officers for the upcoming year.  If you are interested in being on the Board this coming year we welcome your participation.  Click here to complete the Board Member Nomination Form.  You can also update your membership information by clicking here and completing the form.

You may have noticed that we are currently in the process of cleaning, repairing and providing general overall maintenance to the neighborhood street markers.  There is a remarkable difference in the way they look.  We are making preparations for our Home Tour and it is important that our community look its very best.  Unfortunately, there are some Street Markers that cannot be cleaned, most notably at Olive Avenue and Dyer Road, and Medina and Valencia Road.  These street markers have severe discoloration from rust in the well water that is sprinkling the swale areas.  We are currently looking at how these markers can be returned to their original beauty.  We are replacing the letters that have been washed away and making repairs to some of the areas of the face plates that are cracked, chipped or missing parts, on all street markets.  This maintenance will only be  temporary.  The Board plans to look at ways to preserve and maintain these markers by providing annual protection and upgrading some component parts.  This will be a more long-term gradual plan which the entire Association will have an opportunity to approve.

Every quarter we are invited to attend the Mayor’s Quarterly Meeting with the Southend Neighborhoods.  We take your questions, issues and concerns directly to the Mayor and her staff and follow up on all the issues impacting our community.  If we don’t hear from you we can’t be your advocate.  That is another benefit of being a Member of the Association.

As many of you know there had been a problem with 18 wheeler Trucks driving on S. Flagler.  We, as did many others in the community, expressed our concern.  We were promised it would stop but it did not.  The community reacted and the trucks stopped.  We are concerned that there is no appropriate penalty for trucks using the Road and there is no guarantee this will not happen again.  However, the City will continue to monitor the activity and going forward, the Mayor stated that all construction permits will require a designated “Haul Route”.

Brian Collins, the City Engineer is in charge of this project.  Apparently, the City still needs to apply for an exemption and this will supposedly happen shortly.  This is something we have been told for quite some time.  Please feel free to contact the City and let them know you want the work started, with no more excuses.

There is a sign missing along Olive Avenue just north of Dyer Road.  The city acknowledges that the sign is missing and that the contractor is responsible, he will not be paid until the sign replacement is resolved.  We have a quote for the replacement sign and have forwarded it to the City.

Phase 1 striping is currently being done.   The City will meet with the Neighborhood Association regarding tree planning and monument markers in December or January.  Application for narrowing Belvedere to provide more on-street parking will be done as part of the Transportation Design Initiative for Dixie Highway.  (Noted above)

Many residents of the community have expressed concern that the playground equipment is not shaded and the equipment is too hot for children to play on.  The City suggested a Shade Sail can be put over the equipment but they do not have funds budgeted for this.  It will cost $12,000-$15,000 to purchase the Sail and installed.  Some businesses have expressed an interest in sponsoring upgrades to the City’s parks, perhaps this is one area where we can get some support to improve Petty Park.

Many residents have complained that some pet owners are not cleaning up after their pets.  We strongly urge you to pick up after your pet.  There is a city ordinance requiring pet owners to pick up after their pets.  It is a $50 fine.  Please be courteous to your neighbors.

Wishing you all a wonderful Weekend and a Safe Halloween.  Please let us hear from you, we’d love to have more participation from you and let us know if these news briefs are helpful.  We hope you will become involved.  Thank you!


El Cid Historic Neighborhood Association