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Current Board Topics of Discussion

The Board of Directors of the El Cid Historic Neighborhood Association is currently focused on fact finding and discussing the following issues. We try to limit our area of focus to El Cid and the neighborhoods immediately adjacent to us. For more information or to get involved, please visit the Contact Us page.

Proposed South Dixie Rezoning will be discussed by City Staff at the Planning Board Meeting in the presentation of a workshop item on Tuesday 2/20/18 at 6:00 PM at City Hall.  No final decisions will be made at the meeting , but it is important for you to be informed and understand the issues and the possible impact on your property and share your thoughts.
Each person may chose to speak for 3 minutes if you desire to provide input to the Planning Board as the proposed changes are developed prior to final adoption.
What Does This Zoning Change Mean:
Proposed Future Zoning and Land Use Changes may affect residential neighborhoods adjacent to South Dixie Highway from Okeechobee Boulevard to the Spillway (City Limits) east of I-95 or east of Australian Avenue.
The proposed changes will apply to all properties currently zoned General Commercial (GC).  This applies to vacant land as well as existing commercial buildings (vacant or in use) in the designated areas that meet the criteria that may be eligible for demolition and redevelopment.
This applies to the CAREFREE site, Palm Coast Plaza, 8111 South Dixie and others on both the East and West Side of Dixie Highway, totaling 298 properties.
What is Proposed:
The creation of a new Land Use category - Commercial Mixed Use Designation and a Mixed Use District Zoning Designation for properties currently zoned General Commercial.
Staff is proposing to establish maximum building heights, maximum front setbacks and minimum rear setbacks depending on the location of the property. The changes may permit bigger buildings and taller buildings than could be built under current zoning.  This is proposed to be done by giving developers incentives for providing "public benefits" as a part of a project.
Some  of the Issues that have been raised by residents and property owners:
*Impact of bigger/taller buildings immediately next to single family residential neighborhoods and individual homes (both historic and non historic) and apartments
*Height -  65 feet tall adjacent to single family home, 85 feet tall adjacent to multifamily building, and 105 feet adjacent to commercial parcels - Is this ok?  Will it change neighborhoods? Is this what you want for South Dixie or your neighborhood?
*Shadowing of nearby properties and loss of privacy due to increased building heights
*Setbacks from property lines of single family homes - is there enough setback to have a 65 foot tall building next door to a single family home without overpowering the adjacent structures?
*Potential impact of increased traffic on the neighborhoods streets
*Parking impact on nearby residential streets/neighborhoods
*Possible negative affect on property values of nearby residential areas
*Questions as to whether this rezoning is really necessary, given the natural redevelopment that is has been occurring on South Dixie in the last several years withoutIncentives for developers
CTG strongly recommends that you get involved and provide your input to the Planning Board, Staff, and City Commissioners.
Please email CTG if you have any questions we can assist you with.
See you at the meeting! It really makes a difference when neighborhoods are well represented.
Tuesday, February 20th, 6 PM City Hall - Commission Chambers