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City Hotline (561) 822-2222
Mayor’s Office (561) 822-1400
Police Non-EMRG (561) 822-1900
Fire Non-EMRG (561) 804-4700
Airport Noise Line (561) 683-7242
Water Utilities EMRG (561) 822-1457
Historic Preservation (561) 822-1457
Code Compliance (561) 822-1465
Community Officer (561) 662-0804

WPB E-Notification Platform

Anyone can subscribe to the city's e-notification platform which alerts them to the happenings in the city (events, road closures, historic planning etc...)
1.The Office of Communications & Marketing is responsible for distributing eNotify email alerts, an email notifying you about updates to the City's website. You may sign up for alerts on various topics, including news, events, sustainability, road closures, and more!
To sign up, please visit: wpb.org/enotify
2. Under West Palm Beach Mayor Keith A. James’ leadership, the Office of Communications & Marketing publishes a weekly digital newsletter containing information about City news, public meetings, events, and more.
To sign up, please visit: wpb.org/government/communications


If you see suspicious activity, report it to the West Palm Beach Police Department (WPBPD) at (561) 822-1900. “Suspicious Activity” includes: people walking up and down parked cars while looking into them or trying door handles, vehicles cruising our streets at very slow speeds for extended periods while observing parked cars; people doing any of the following: making any kind of mark or placing anything ON parked vehicles, sitting in running parked cars for protracted periods; and vehicles dropping one person off while continuing to cruise the same areas.


We’d prefer to check on an innocent citizen going about their business than to not check and end up taking a report about a theft from a vehicle. If you have questions concerning vehicle burglaries or other crimes, please contact our Crime Prevention Office at (561) 822-1620. Should you need to report an in-progress crime, please call 911. For non-emergency reports, please call (561) 622-1900. Don’t hesitate to call WPBPD to report ANY suspicious activities, people, or vehicles. WPBPD officer cannot be everywhere, and we count on good people to be our “eyes and ears” and to report suspicious activities as they are occurring. Do your part by taking preventive action and spreading the word. You can make a difference.


Please be alert and vigilant locking your vehicles and property. Carry your cell phone and preload the WPB Police Non-Emergency telephone number, 822-1900, to report suspicious behavior. Use 911 to report crimes in progress. Above all: Be Safe.


If you find one of the street lights out, note the location and nearest address, and call the following:
Concrete Light Pole
The City (561) 822-2222
Public Works Dept (561) 822-2060
Wood Light Pole
FPL (561) 697-8000


Tuesday and Friday, trash is picked up in alleys or in front of your home (if you have no alley). For residents living west of Olive, yard debris is picked up on Tuesday. For residents living east of Olive, it is picked up on Friday. For a detailed schedule, click here.

Yard debris (trimmings, branches, etc.) should be in the street, curbside, in front of your house, no sooner than Sunday. The City will fine for landscaping debris left too early at the curb.

Landscaping contractors are required to remove yard debris they’ve created.

For more information, visit SWA.org/MyPickUpDays

Have a collection concern? Call SWA customer Service at 561-697-2700 or 866-SWA-
INFO (866-792-4636). You can also email them at [email protected].


Picked up in front of your home from City supplied blue or yellow bins. New bins can be ordered free from the Solid Waste Authority by dialing 639-2467. Special pick-ups can be requested from the City by calling 822-2222. NO hazardous waste will be picked up.


Construction debris must be hauled to the dump or taken by your contractor, the City will not collect it. For more information, click here.



Picked up in front of your home from the city-supplied blue or yellow bins. New bins can be ordered free from the Solid Waste Authority by dialing 561-697-2700.

Special pick-ups can be requested from the city by calling 822-2222. NO hazardous waste will be picked up. Construction debris must be hauled to the dump or taken by your contractor, the city will not collect it. For more information, click here.


The following information will help to protect your home and neighborhood.


There are three numbers you should know:



This is the non-emergency police number. After you call, hit 0 and you will get a real person to talk to about your issue.



West Palm Beach Police offer, at no cost, a house watch while you are out of town. Call this number, answer the questions and your house will be put on a house watch. The police department will check your house each day that you are out of town. This is a great service offered by our police department.



The West Palm Beach Police Department will come and give you advice, at no charge, concerning the safety of your home. They will evaluate the locks, lighting, and the general safety of your property and make recommendations for improvements for a safer home. Please keep this information and use it to your advantage to make living in our neighborhood a safe and pleasant experience.


Download the new smartphone app: WPBKey

The city of WPB created a smartphone app called WBPKey. Users can report issues to Code Enforcement, Parking Administration, Public Works...etc. Users can also attach photos with their Submission. Crime Prevention Tips + WPBKEY PDF Download

The next police chief meeting is 4/19/2023 at 6pm at the Cox Science Center STEM building at 4800 Dreher Trail North. South End Police Chiefs Meeting PDF Download

Camera registry program: Share your location with with the WPB Police to keep our neighborhood safe by going to https://wpb.registry.cam WPB Camera Registry Program PDF Download



During the week leading up to a possible hurricane, please refrain (or ask your landscaper to refrain) from putting yard trash in the streets unless you receive a call from the Mayor that there will be additional yard waste pickups. Yard waste in the streets creates flying debris and can block the storm drains creating possible flooding.


To report an issue to the City, please call 561-822-2222.


National Hurricane Center


Consult local news stations for up-to-date weather information.